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 BPW Minutes 07/28/2010

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PostSubject: BPW Minutes 07/28/2010   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:36 pm


Minutes of the Oconto Board of Public Works committee meeting held on Monday,
June 28, 2010.

1. Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m. by Chairperson Hayes
2. ROLL CALL: Ron Hayes, John Wittkopf, Joe Stiloski, Scott Stewart and Mike Destache
Also present: Bob Mommaerts and Jeremy Wusterbarth
3. Moved by Stiloski second by Wittkopf to approve agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
4. Moved by Stiloski second by Stewart to approve and place on file the minutes from May 24, 2010 meeting.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
5. No Correspondence/Public Input
a) McDonald Street Repair;
Mommaerts referred to email from Mike Leitzke of the DOT informing him that the amount Lunda is required to reimburse the city is $1067.25 to repair damage done to McDonald Street when doing work on bypass…the city has already received the check; Mommaerts stated he had estimated the cost to be about $1,000.00 more than that; Wusterbarth stated the county will be doing the repair work and should be able to have it completed in the next couple of weeks;
Moved by Stiloski second by Destache to approve repair work on McDonald Street by the bypass in the amount of $2,067.25 of which the city’s share would be $1,000.00;
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
Hayes stated he would like to address Item 6g on the agenda as Paul Mogged was present from NEWCAP;
g) Storm Sewer Connection on Congress Street @ NEWCAP Lot;
Mommaerts stated NEWCAP has to construct a concrete driveway apron… the curb and gutter are misaligned…inlet about 1’ deep…can’t connect storm sewer lateral…would have to go into road…replace curb and gutter so they have a decent driveway apron; Wittkopf questioned why the city is doing this; Mommaerts stated the property owner does not absorb the cost, only in the case where it never existed before; Wittkopf questioned on waiting to replace curb and gutter when we do the street work; Wusterbarth stated we can’t match to the existing curb…street work is not scheduled until 2013; Hayes stated we are responsible for the road work…consistent as to what we have done in the past;
Moved by Stewart second by Hayes to replace curb and gutter and install inlet on Congress Street
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 3 ayes 2 nays: Wittkopf and Stiloski
b) Award of Contract for Curb & Gutter Repair on Park Avenue and Charles Street Sidewalk;
Mommaerts stated curb and gutter is misaligned and settled…should be repaired before county does road work; Proposal was submitted from United Construction in the amount of $16,885.50 which included $5,032.00 to seal colored brick concrete on Main Street; Wittkopf stated he didn’t like the idea of having to seal the brick…thought that was a one-time deal. Hayes stated that was normal maintenance…keeps it looking nice; Mommaerts stated that was something that would need to be done about every 3 years;
Moved by Stewart to approve proposal for installation of curb and gutter along Park Avenue, concrete sidewalk on portions of County Y and Charles Street and sealing of colored brick on Main Street; Hayes called twice for a second on the motion…no second;
Wusterbarth stated this work has to be done…curb and gutter has to be replaced;
Motion by Wittkopf second by Stiloski to accept the proposal from United Construction to do the recommended curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement, but exclude the sealing of the colored brick.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
c) Award of Contract for 2010 Project – OC-10-A;
DeGroot, Inc. out of Green Bay submitted low bid of $1,084,962.24 of which $538,924.45 is utility costs; The bid included sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main and street construction for Broadway, Huron, Superior, Copper Culture Way and Cook Avenue;
Moved by Wittkopf second by Destache to recommend to Committee of the Whole accept low bid from DeGroot, Inc. for Contract 0C-10-A;
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
d) Development of Workable Sidewalk Policy;
Mommaerts asked for the Boards consideration as to what sidewalks should be replaced and which should be removed; Wusterbarth stated there are a lot of bad sidewalks on the south side of the city… something needs to be done; Mommaerts stated $67,000.00 was carried over for sidewalk repair/removal; Wusterbarth stated that he and Mommaerts could put together a map to show areas where sidewalks are in need of repair/removal on the city’s south side;
e) Refuse Collection by the City;
Mommaerts stated that the union would go along with a part-time position to assist in refuse collection; Estimated annual cost for the refuse collection by the City would be $53,454.00 as compared to $67,763.00 by contract; The city would still have to contract for dumpster pick-ups;
Moved by Wittkopf second by Stewart to refer to Committee of the Whole for approval of proposed refuse pick-up by city.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 3 ayes 2 nays: Hayes and Stiloski
f) HSIP Grant Application for Main Street/Superior Avenue Intersection;
Mommaerts referred to a map that he had drawn up of the Main Street and Superior Avenue intersection which would fit into HSIP criteria; Mommaerts showed on the map where islands would be built into Superior Avenue to allow vehicles to pull further forward onto Main Street which would almost double distance of visual of oncoming traffic; Stewart questioned how it would affect semis that deliveries to the stores in that area…what is the curb height of the islands; Stiloski questioned accident rate; Mommaerts stated he asked Chief Carper for that information but had not received it...there have been several accidents…safety has to be considered; Stewart stated the semis could come off of Pecor Street for delivery purposes if necessary; Hayes stated that we need to more concerned about the vehicles that pass through there on a daily basis instead of a few semis; Mommaerts stated this is just a conceptual drawing to show sight design, will look at turning radius before considering curb style;
Moved by Wittkopf second by Stewart to refer to Committee of the Whole for review of
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
7) Review accounts payable reports;
Moved by Stiloski second by Destache to approve the reviewed accounts payable reports in the amount of $25,482.98;
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
Cool The revenue/expense guidelines were reviewed and approved.
9) Next meeting: July 26, 2010.
10) Moved by Stiloski second by Stewart to adjourn. M/C
Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m.

Minutes taken by;
Carol Stewart
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

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BPW Minutes 07/28/2010
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