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 Council Mts 2/16/2011

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PostSubject: Council Mts 2/16/2011   Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:17 pm

Minutes of the Special Council meeting held on Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 pursuant to notice duly given.

1. Meeting called to order at 5 p.m. by Mayor Fulton.
2. Roll Call: Mayor Fulton, Ed Young, John Wittkopf, Al Schreiber, Joe Stiloski, Marlene Zahn, Dick Doeren, Jim Stiloski, Jack Maas and Atty. Calvert. Excused: Roger Reed and Terri Berth. Also present, Ron Hayes, Chrm., BPW, Robert J. Mommaerts, P.E. ,DPS., Jeremy Wusterbarth, Superintendent of Public Facilities Supervisor, Kale Proksch, Park, Recreation, Forestry Director and Linda Belongia, Administrator and as recording secretary.
3. Invocation and pledge of allegiance given by Alderperson Doeren.
4. Moved by Zahn seconded by Wittkopf to approve of the agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 8 ayes
5. Correspondence/public input: Belongia invited the alderpersons to visit the new website Kale Proksch is working on, very nice improvement and will give us more hands on with changing items and adding pictures, etc.

Victoria Bostedt stated that the businesses will be effected by one of three options for the intersection…asked council to look out for them…also spoke to some citizens, no one is in favor of a round about….businesses she spoke with would like option #3…need to look into the future;

Jenny Hamann stated she was speaking for herself and the Thompsons supporting option #3.

6. Discussion/action on construction project for Smith/Brazeau/Business 41 as follows with Lee Novak and Mark Schuster representing Robert E. Lee & Assoc.

a. Doran Avenue to Mc Donald Street: Schuster stated for this section what they are recommending is a three lane road with a two way left turn lane, new sidewalks and curb & gutter; terrace areas will be wider; street narrower going from four lanes to three lanes will help with calming effect;
Moved by Doeren seconded by Maas to accept recommendation R.E. Lee for the section of Doran Avenue to McDonald Street as proposed.

Discussion: Zahn questioned no parking on the road? Mayor stated throughout the project
area will be no parking; Young questioned handicap ramps for the sidewalks? Schuster
stated handicap ramps will be put all way to Doran; Jim Stiloski questioned three lanes all
way done? Schuster stated will be up to Frank Street; Wittkopf questioned driveway lanes;
Schuster explained; Jim Stiloski questioned if Cruisers can get a truck through? Schuster
stated yes.

Motion carried upon verbal roll call vote. 8 ayes

b. McDonald Street Signal Lights: Mayor stated he would like a motion to bring this to the floor for discussion.
Moved by Doeren seconded by Zahn to accept recommendation from R.E. Lee to keep street lights at McDonald Street.

Discussion. Wittkopf stated they are a hazard to leave up, not enough traffic, costs $6300 expense to taxpayers…put stop signs back up; Schreiber stated we should put flashing 4-way stop signs up like they have in Ashwaubenon; Maas concur a 4-way would move traffic faster; Schreiber stated having a 4-way stop they would have to stop, instead of trying to beat light; Zahn questioned if lights didn’t assist children getting to the park? Mayor stated he likes idea of a 4-way, helps with traffic calming; Joe Stiloski stated main safety should be for the kids…without lights would we be a cost savings; Schuster stated none he knows of…will be adding left turning lanes; leave lights on till road is done, then could slowly phase out; Schreiber stated when you do the road, you make the change…do it when you do the road; Doeren stated he has been on this corner for 14 years…safety for kids…confusions…step backwards taking them down; Jim Stiloski stated we’ve invested a tremendous amount of money in the campground and park…least he would hope for is a 4-way stop;

Vote on motion.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes: Joe Stiloski, Zahn, Doeren, Jim Stiloski and Jack Maas. 3 no: Young, Wittkopf and Schreiber.

c. McDonald Street to Frank Street.
Moved by Wittkopf seconded by Maas to accept recommendation from R.E. Lee on this section.

Discussion. Zahn questioned where will left and right turn lanes be? Schuster stated left all way through and right will be on Pecor; Doeren questioned approaches, they need work; Robert Mommaerts stated yes the approaches will be included; Schuster stated sidewalks; Jim Stiloski asked for definition on…; Schuster stated multi-purpose allows bike/skate boards, just not motorized vehicles; Zahn questioned the $68,000 for the bridge work; Schuster stated that would be for the approaches; Wittkopf questioned curb & gutter? Schuster stated would be extended North; Jim Stiloski questioned the yellow markings by the Riverside Bar…will they loose those 2-3 parking spots? Schuster stated the road will remain same between terrace and curb & gutter will be narrower.

Vote on motion.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 8 ayes

d. Frank Street to intersection of Main/Brazeau/Charles/Cty Y. Schuster stated this will be a mountable curb/mountable median; 10’ multi-use trail rail along river trees, benches, street lights, and carry theme from downtown…will be 15’ from face of curb to face of curb; Mayor stated based on the power point, would like a recommendation to accept what R. E. Lee is proposing.
Moved by Maas seconded by Zahn to accept concept as recommended by R.E. Lee.

Discussion. Jim Stiloski questioned the Jurisdictional Transfer (JT) Funds of $1.8 M…wants to make sure what we are picking out…haven’t seen a budget; Mayor stated we opted to take the JT money we then have ability to have what we want…city doing project our estimate is just over $1M; “Fancying” things up will be doing with our engineer in house; Schreiber stated this still has to go out for bid, if bids come in high, we cut back; Mayor stated based on best info we have, we have at this time, we will proceed; Wittkopf stated handout doesn’t include street lights; Mayor stated yes, that will all be included as alternates to the bid, we have a certain amount of money;

Moved by Jim Stiloski seconded by Maas to amend the recommendation that accessory’s be individually bid and considered with total project costs if monies are available.

Schreiber stated this is just to get bid out there…still has to come back to council; Jim Stiloski stated we need to stay within the budget; Young questioned the crosswalk on Chicago;

Motion carried on amendment to the motion: 8 ayes

e. Intersection – Main/Brazeau/Charles/Cty Y. Schuster explained options; Mayor stated this intersection has been the high point of the property and would like a recommendation to go with what the BPW is recommending, option # 3, 2 way channelization and go with as many driveway openings as possible; Mayor would like that motion amended to maintain all existing driveways as they currently exist.

Discussion. Wittkopf questioned mountable curb so vehicles/trucks can get in and out; Mayor stated this will improve things, not harm the businesses…those driveways have been there for many years; Schuster recommended non mountable curbs as a safety wise issue; Joe Stiloski stated we don’t have as much traffic; Schuster agreed, gives pedestrians chance to cross; Mayor stated what is being proposed is from engineer, stay with recommendation from BPW, with mountable curb; Jim Stiloski questioned where will the mountable curb be? Schuster stated N & S; Wittkopf… mountable curb is easier to maintain; Young questioned handicap ramps;

Moved by Zahn seconded by Maas to accept recommendation from BPW to go with option # 3, keeping all existing driveways and having mountable curb.

Joe Stiloski stated…having few restrictions; Young questioned how far the sidewalks will go?

Vote on motion.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 8 ayes

f. Intersection – Main/Brazeau to North Boundary of Project. Schuster stated the proposal is to end the project somewhere near 41 Auto…question is how far does council want the sidewalks to go in this area…some of the typical sections show sidewalks on both sides to Van Dyke;

Moved by Doeren seconded by Jim Stiloski to accept recommendation from R.E. Lee regarding this section.

Discussion. Wittkopf questioned if we are doing the road bed to the city limits? Maas stated we talked about milling and relaying; Schreiber stated no sidewalks…questioned citizens, people he has talked to are not interested in sidewalks in this area; Mayor stated we can bid it out and we have flexibility; Wittkopf we have from Doran to the Shell Station…is in favor of putting sidewalks in; Young stated we have no sidewalks….; Mayor stated we are voting on the Main/Brazeau to N. Boundary of Project; Schreiber stated could see sidewalks on West side for Wayne’s, need to keep an open mind on having walks on both sides.

Vote on motion.
Motion carried upon verbal roll call vote. 8 ayes

7. Moved by Zahn seconded by Doeren to adjourn. M/C
Meeting adjourned at 6:10 p.m.

Minutes submitted by
Linda M. Belongia,

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Council Mts 2/16/2011
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