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December 2018

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 W&P Minutes 5/2/2011

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PostSubject: W&P Minutes 5/2/2011   Mon May 02, 2011 2:23 pm

Minutes of the Wage & Personnel meeting held on Monday, May 02, 2011 pursuant to notice duly given.

1. Mayor Fulton called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.
2. Election of chairperson. John Wittkopf nominated Terri Berth. Jack Maas nominated Al Schreiber. Mayor called three times for any further nominations.
Vote: 2 ayes for Terri Berth, Wittkopf and Berth and 2 ayes for Al Schreiber Maas and Schreiber. Berth changed her vote to Schreiber.
3. Roll call: Al Schreiber, John Wittkopf, Jack Maas, and Terri Berth. Excused: Marlene Zahn. Also present: Mayor Fulton, Robert J. Mommaerts, P.E. Director of Public Services and Linda Belongia Administrator and as recording secretary.
4. Moved by Berth seconded by Maas to approve of the agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal vote. 4 ayes
5. No correspondence/public input.
6. Moved by Maas seconded by Berth to approve and place on file as typed the 4/7/2011 minutes.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
7. Discussion/recommendation per diem for Jim Wolfe, Sr. Maas stated the discussion didn’t include per diem…was looked at as salary; Schreiber questioned what are the hours a part-time employee can work? Belongia stated anything over 600 hrs entitles an employee to retirement; Maas stated with surveyor work done last year, this year’s hours could be shortened; Mommaerts stated Brazeau Avenue could take 4 months; Schreiber stated we were told at the council meeting that the IRS mileage rate can go up or done annually; Belongia stated that is correct;
Moved by Maas seconded by Berth to recommend to Committee of the Whole that Jim Wolfe, Sr., be paid $.51 per mile for 70 miles for retroactive to when he started for 2011.
Motion carried upon verbal vote. 4 ayes
8. Discussion on part-time city hall cleaning positions. One position thus far for 2011 worked 286 hours and the other who just resigned worked 34 hours both at $9.85 per budget; Belongia to discuss with current individual to see if a second position is needed and come back to W&P for action.
9. No meeting date set at this time.
10. Moved by Wittkopf seconded by Berth to adjourn. 4 ayes
Meeting adjourned at 9:21 a.m.

Minutes submitted by
Linda M. Belongia,
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W&P Minutes 5/2/2011
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