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 Tourism Minutes 5/16/2011

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PostSubject: Tourism Minutes 5/16/2011   Wed May 18, 2011 2:05 pm

Minutes of the Tourism Committee meeting held on Monday, May 16, 2011 pursuant to notice duly given.

1. Chairperson Doeren called the meeting to order at 9:04 a.m.
2. Roll call: Dick Doeren, Ron Hayes, and Beth Larson. Excused: Terri Berth; Absent: Ken Thompson. Advisory members: Ed Zahn, Dale Mohr, Pete Stark; Also present: Mayor Fulton and Linda Belongia, Administrator and as recording secretary.
3. Moved by Hayes seconded by Larson to approve of the agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 3 ayes
4. Moved by Hayes seconded by Larson to approve and place on file the minutes from the 4/26/2011 meeting as presented. 3 ayes
5. Correspondence/Public Input: Doeren brought posters for the FLW;
6. Discussion/recommendation on:
a. Oconto billboards; Hayes stated at the request of the Chamber of Commerce, discussion was had on putting up a billboard outside the Hwy 41/Abrams area…stating we’ve invested money in the Harbor, etc., invested a lot of money; Chamber has pledged $1500.00 for 2011 towards the billboard, costs is $12,000/yr; have met with Jones & Next-media; since that meeting the one being discussed has been sold; need to bring this to council; Hayes stated Jones Sign stated doing the billboard will be part of the total cost…if we want to change sign i.e. at Christmas time that would cost $1800 and Jones stated they will pay for that; Hayes stated previous discussion was had on which side of the road the billboard should be on…a right hand read sign is more expensive than a left hand sign…feels right hand sign is more visible; Mayor stated input from Chamber is important…suggested we recommend the money for the billboard be put in the 2012 budget, maybe best way to present to council; Hayes stated he likes idea to make recommendation to finance asking if they can come up with the money for the sign; Mohr questioned if having a billboard going north is cheaper than going south? Hayes stated there is a drop going north…$7500 to $9500; going south is $12,000 per year;

Moved by Hayes seconded by Larson to recommend to Finance to appropriate $10,500 for a billboard with $1,500 from the Chamber of Commerce for a total of $12,000.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 3 ayes

b. FLW tournament. Doeren provided handout on tournament schedule; trying to set up meeting with Sonny Reynolds to get more definite information; Doeren stated Reynolds had a tournament this weekend, so he’ll give him a few days and try contacting him again; Doeren stated as of 5/15 we have over 100 boaters coming; Doeren stated Steve Ballard will be set up at no charge to the city to do caricatures; want interactive stuff for the kids that will be attending; Doeren also suggested we have music for Saturday; Zahn will check with Gary for use of the Copperfest stage; Mohr stated as soon as we have the meeting with Sonny Reynolds we should do up a map of the breakwater area showing where everything will be placed…layout of the area; Doeren stated he will continue contacting Reynolds to get the meeting for details; Hayes stated he will contact Connie Parkovich for use of the Bond Center for registration; if Bond Center is not available Doeren stated the school is our second choice; Belongia made the seven reservations at the Riverview Inn & Suites as requested; Mohr questioned where will the rest of the fishermen stay? Doeren stated most of the fishermen know Oconto and realize they need to travel for lodging;

d. Doeren showed example of gift certificate that business people could use to get the
Fishermen to shop locally;

9:57 a.m. Pete Stark excused himself from meeting

c. Doeren stated the Bike Riders will be coming through on 7/31/2011 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Breakwater Park Marina; feel we should have music and get some of our local vendors involved;

Mohr questioned what about a band for the FLW? Doeren suggested calling Gary Zahn on the price range for a band;

7. Next meeting will be set after we get confirmation of a date from Sonny Reynolds regarding the FLW.

8. Agenda items: Doeren stated next agenda should include discussion on establishing a motel room tax; Hayes stated this should be done by county intervention; Mohr stated Bruce Mommaerts tried this with keeping 70% of what was collected; Hayes stated Gary Zielgelbauer is against a room tax; Doeren stated he met with Lee Young…regarding a match fishing event;

9. Moved by Hayes seconded by Larson to adjourn. M/C
Meeting adjourned at 10:21 a.m.

Minutes submitted by
Linda M. Belongia,
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Tourism Minutes 5/16/2011
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