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December 2018

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 BOR Minutes 6/6/2011

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PostSubject: BOR Minutes 6/6/2011   Tue Jun 07, 2011 4:15 pm

Minutes of the 2011 Board of Review held on Thursday, June 6th, 2011 at 10:00 a.m. pursuant to notice duly given.

1. Mayor Fulton called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. and asked for nominations for chairperson.
Moved by Hornblad seconded by Honish to nominate Mike Loomis as chairperson.
Mayor called for any other nominations three times, hearing none nominations were closed and a unanimous ballot was cast for Mike Loomis as chairperson.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
2. Loomis called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.
3. Roll call: Mike Loomis, Terri Berth, Dr. John Honish and Jim Hornblad. Excused: Dick Pinkart.
Also present: Ron Banach, Assessor and Linda Belongia Administrator and as recording secretary.
Chairperson Loomis stated we had four cases before us today, but before the meeting was opened, but all four members were present, Pat Krause came in and withdrew her objection. Loomis stated official acceptance of the withdrawal would be done later on the agenda.
4. Moved by Berth seconded by Honish to approve of the agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
5. Correspondence/public input: Board members were given copy of 2011 Guide Line for Board of Review.
6. Chairperson Loomis stated briefly procedural comments; all testimony will be taken, then the BOR will go back and deliberate and make a decision; all in attendance would be welcome to stay to hear the decision.
7. 10:00 a.m. Robert Webster, sworn in and provided handout regarding his objections and documentation on his objection for his property 115 Robin Lane; Webster’s objection form states other comparable homes in the area have lower assessed value and are selling for lower prices; Webster stated his report was prepared by Rob Sherman; property is assessed at $169,800 and Webster is asking BOR to reduce assessment to $155,000;

Ron Banach, Assessor sworn in. Banach stated Webster’s sale of $155,000 was from 9/12/2003 and in 2004 home was assessed at $144,000; in 2005 we had a city wide revaluation…done by R&R Assessing out of Oconto Falls…they increased the assessment to $169,800 and it remains at that amount;

Hornblad questioned why did the lane value increase…river frontage?

Webster stated no question…should not be considered river frontage...a tree has fallen across and can’t get access;

Hearing nothing more Chairperson Loomis closed the testimony regarding the Webster property;

Chairperson Loomis stated Patricia Krause stopped in before the BOR was in session and stated her and her husband Ernest wanted to withdraw their request.
Moved by Honish seconded by Hornblad to accept request from Ernest and Patricia Krause and withdraw their objection request for 1407 Harbor Road.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes

Jaime Pagel objection to assessment on her property at 100 Park Avenue; Pagel was sworn in; Loomis referenced question # 10 on form which stated she wanted Ron Banach removed from her portion of the hearing; Loomis stated Banach is not part of the BOR, and they (BOR) will need to hear from Banach when Pagel is finished;

Pagel stated she bought 100 Park Avenue from her parents; no other comparables on the river; 3 very like buildings in Oconto Falls; R&R reduced each of these by $13,000 in 4/2011;

Roni DuChateau sworn in; Hornblad questioned why DuChateau’s haven’t had these properties appraised?

DuChateau stated theses were not true arms length sales;

Loomis questioned if DuChateau’s apartments in Oconto Falls are exactly the same?

Duchateau stated yes;

Banach stated 100 Park Avenue was sold on 4/20/2010 and was not an arms length sale…the way it was sold; the State of Wisconsin Dept of Revenue will not use this for statistical purposes…cannot change…this property was sold to a family member…referenced Chapter 70 law;

Pagel stated she is looking for some reduction based on what their apartments were reduced in Oconto Falls;

Loomis informed everyone present on the appeal process once the BOR decision is made;

Loomis stated for the record Roni DuChateau was sworn in as a witness on the previous objection.

DuChateau stated she did not get the notice for this meeting; Belongia stated agenda’s were mailed out on Friday and that one hasn’t been returned to the city;

Berth questioned DuChateau on the occupancy for Bridge Street apartments?

DuChateau stated she has 4 plexes;

Banach stated both properties are comparable; Bridge Street was latest one built, Park Avenue was built approx 1993; city reval was done in 2003 and was the last time the properties were adjusted; Banach asked for the apts in Oconto Falls what did they use for base? Banach stated he spoke with Rick Raatz…who looked at the records for notes on reduction…market value and also based on sale of property in Oconto; mentioned sale was to family…they are looking into it;

Pagel stated she is only 50% owner of 100 Park Avenue; the other is Wesley Heise;

DuChateau complained about Banach again referring to her dishonesty…stated Mel Raatz was aware that Jaime Pagel was related;

Hornblad asked DuChateau if she had documentation from Mel Raatz…or you could have asked him to be present to testify;

Hearing no further testimony Chairperson Loomis closed that portion of the meeting.

Deliberation on Robert Webster property 115 Robin Lane. Hornblad noted the recent sale of $155,000 for this property; Honish complimented Webster on good job presenting his case;
Moved by Honish seconded by Hornblad to reduce the Webster property at 115 Robin Lane, $4,000 on the land and $10,800 on the improvements for a total assessment of $155,000.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes

Moved by Honish seconded by Hornblad to accept withdrawal of objection from Ernest and Patricia Krause, 1407 Harbor Road.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes

Deliberation on Jaime Pagel property at 100 Park Avenue which is assessed at $282,300…request is for $10,000 reduction; Berth stated not familiar with rentals, is it based on same as residential? Loomis stated deliberation is to be based on testimony given; Banach stated he has received no other requests from apartment owners for reductions; Hornblad stated only testimony is lack of documentation, comparing Oconto to Oconto Falls apartments; Honish stated with the economy where it’s at…some kind of number; Berth agreed; Honish stated same value with being on river…don’t know where the property in Oconto Falls is;
Moved by Berth seconded by Honish to reduce Jaime Pagel’s property at 100 Park Avenue by $10,000; $3,000 on the land and $7,000 on the improvements for a total of $272,300.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes

Deliberation on Roni DuChateau’s property at 122, 132 and 142 Bridge Street. Property is assessed as one at $838,200; Loomis…reduction to $39,000;
Moved by Hornblad stated if this property is similar to Park Avenue, should be reduced same as Oconto Falls; Honish agreed;
Moved by Honish seconded by Berth to reduce the DuChateau Apts on Bridge Street $30,800; Land = $783,900 and Improvements $46,000.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes

8. Moved by Honish seconded by Hornblad for the Final Adjournment of the 2011 Board of Review.
Meeting adjourned at 12 o’clock noon.

Minutes submitted by
Linda M. Belongia

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BOR Minutes 6/6/2011
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