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December 2018

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 CEC Minutes 7/12/2011

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PostSubject: CEC Minutes 7/12/2011   Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:19 am

Minute’s of the Community Enrichment Committee meeting held on Tuesday, July 12th, 2011 pursuant to notice given.
1. Meeting called to order by Chairperson Maas at 8:02 a.m.
2. Roll call: Jack Maas, Al Schreiber, Jack Mlnarik, Dale Carper, Ron Banach, Atty. Calvert, Mayor Fulton, Roger Reed, Terri Berth, John Wittkopf and Linda Belongia Administrator and as recording secretary.
3. Moved by Schreiber seconded by Mlnarik to approve of the agenda as presented. Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
4. Correspondence/public input: Danielle Peterson stated she has been working with Ron Banach for two years trying to get 119 Mineau Avenue cleaned up; referenced ordinance, city can do anything; Banach stated several problems with issuing clean up notices; Carper stated he has received calls on the four dogs 119 Mineau has; Maas authorized Banach to get whatever assistance needed; Report back for next agenda on 119 Mineau from Banach and Carper;
5. Moved by Schreiber seconded by Carper to approve and place on file the minutes from 4/25/2011 meeting.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
6. Discussion/possible action/recommendation on 171 Mott Street. Wittkopf referenced back to last meeting, stipulation 61 razing order enforced; Banach report, 6/8 one inspection on electric kitchen/ceiling only inspected till last week when date was up; Maas stated Banach as bldg inspector can go anytime; Banach stated normal procedure; all agree to; Mayor stated Banach went into inspect last week…normal process was not followed; asked Banach A% of completion…lack of licensed contractors; Atty. Calvert recommended going through J.K.L.;
Moved by Carper seconded by Mlnarik to accept Ron Banach’s report and proceed with razing of 171 Mott Street.
Discussion. Sue Schwanz stated Banach’s report is wrong; landscaping all new has been installed; new electrical is done; Maas questioned all items on stipulation, A-L? Schwanz stated everything has been completed; Schreiber questioned if electrical was done by an electrician?
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes 1 no Schreiber
7. Next meeting, August 16th, 2011 at 8:30 a.m.
Wittkopf stated razing order means all buildings must be razed? Banach stated yes.
8. Moved by Carper seconded by Schreiber to adjourn. M/C
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m. Minutes submitted by
Linda Belongia, Administrator
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CEC Minutes 7/12/2011
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