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December 2018

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 Farnsworth meeting minutes 7/26/2011

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PostSubject: Farnsworth meeting minutes 7/26/2011   Mon Aug 22, 2011 10:41 am

Farnsworth Public Library

Library Board of Trustees Meeting Tuesday, July 26, 2011

President Lacourciere called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM
1, Roll Call: Present: Bucheger, Guse, Gilbert, Lacourciere, Maas, Schroeder, Director Murphy
Excused: Jessica Honish, secretary Amy Peterson. Substituting as secretary: Schroeder
2. Approved June 28 Minutes M/S/C Maas/Gilbert with a correction to Part 4 Section b: Building/Grounds – front steps
will be patched.
M/S/C Schroeder/ Bucheger to move item 3a to follow the approval of the June 28 minutes
3. Director’s Report & Updates
a. The family of Shirley Bickel presented a memorial of $50,000.00 in Shirley’s name to the Farnsworth Public Library.
Shirley’s love of learning and her interest in reading directed this bequest. M/S/C Maas, Schroeder As the memorial monies
are spent, recognition of Shirley Bickel should be acknowledged for each major expenditure in the newspaper. A photo was
taken by Bucheger of Shirley Bickel’s family members handing Lacourciere a certificate of the donation. Director Murphy
suggested there should be a discussion at next month’s meeting about establishing an expendible trust account and the
Finance Committee should develop a list of suggestions for some projects to consider thanks to this generous donation.
b. Approved Bills Submitted – July 5 and July 19 M/S/C Bucheger/ Guse
4. Committee Reports
a. Administrative & Personnel: None at this time.
b. Building & Grounds: Window needs to be repaired. Director Murphy will call for repair as follow up
c. Finance: The committee will need to meet to discuss the Shirley Bickel deposition and determine project a list
of “needs” and “wishes” and to forward think a five-year-plan. Committee members are: Bucheger, Guse, and Maas
5. Correspondence
a. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction notified Peggy Murphy and the trustees that she has demonstrated
“a high level of professional management and administration of library programs and resources,” and has been
“granted a Grade 2 Librarian Certificate.”
6. Old Business
Questions about staffing came up which will be on the August board agenda so we will not be in violation of the Wisconsin Open
Meeting Laws as this had not been listed on the posted agenda as “Old Business”.
7. New Business
a. Library Board Appointments/Re-Appointments: Director Murphy asked the trustees for suggestions to fill in Steve
Steve Gering’s position. Murphy did have a ”short list” of possibilities remaining from the last trustee resignation to
contact with them.
b. Wisconsin E-book Summit: Director Murphy summarized a letter from Mark Merrifield in regards of E-book purchases for
the Farnsworth Public Library. After much discussion, Peggy was advised by several trustees to reply that we have a definite
interest in E-books and would like to have more specific information.
8. Adjournment: President Lacourciere called for a motion at 8:25PM M/S/C Maas/Guse
Respectfully submitted, Debi Schroeder Substitute Secretary

Next meeting: 7 pm Tuesday, August 23 - Bond Meeting Room

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Farnsworth meeting minutes 7/26/2011
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