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 Airport Minutes 6/1/09

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PostSubject: Airport Minutes 6/1/09   Mon Jul 13, 2009 3:31 pm

JUNE 1ST 2009
1.) Meeting called to Order at 9:00 A.M.
2.) Roll Call: Gamer, Jerry, Jim. Steve and Eileen. Public attendance: Jim Valentine, Jean Vogalberg,
Paul LeTourneau.
3.) Approval of Agenda: Jim moved to accept. Seconded by Jerry. Carried.
4.) Public appearances/correspondence: Jean did partial report on the Fly-In. there are some things that
Need to be corrected. Announcing system, porta potty placement, etc.
5.) Approval of minutes nom 05/11/09 and 05/19/09. Jerry moved to accept. Jim seconded. Carried.
6.) Discussion/ Approval of Department Reports:
a. Treasurer's Report: Jim moved to accept. Jerry seconded. Carried.
b. Manager Report: Jim moved to accept. Seconded by Jerry. Carried.
c. Review of Bills: Jerry moved to pay bills. Seconded by Jim. Carried.
7.) Discussion/action on Old Business:
a. Flag Pole Pulleys: City replaced pulleys and Clifford and Eileen attached new flag.
b. Bob Jubin pictures and clippings: Display finished and installed prior to the Fly-In.
c. Wall panel in snow shed will be fixed when work is done for new hangar.
8.) Discussion/Action on New Business:
a. Amortization of rent for new hangar. Discussion was held and Commission decided to charge $160.00
A month, which will retire the cost in 15 years. Jerry moved to accept this figure. Jim seconded.
b. Authority for signing documents for Airport: Commission Chainnan will perform this duty.
c. Report on WarBird Fly-In: Jim Valentine and Jean Vogalberg both reported on this. It was termed a
Great success and plans are being made for next year. The commission approved holding one again in
d. Payment schedule for hangar construction: Steve moved to pay advance of $3000.00 and then pay bills
As they are submitted. Jerry seconded. Carried.
e. Date for next meeting: Next meeting will be Monday, July 13th2009 at 9:00 A.M. due to the 4thof July
9.) Adjournment: Jim moved to adjourn. Seconded by Steve. Carried. Meeting adjourned at 10:15A.M.
Eileen Dutfeck, Rec'd. Sec'y.
JULY 2009
Last Wednesday we bad the same problem with the gate not working. Wrong breaker was shut off. It had
Been covered with duct tape bu.t when the Fire Dept. checked, it.was pointed out that we could not do that.
There is a clamp that can be attached so the breaker can not be moved. I picked one up at Howies and put it
On. Also when the fire check was done the Exit light in the East bangar was out again. Bulbs were not
Available anymore for it so I had Electrical services come out and change it to a LED light I received the
Insurance renewal form and sent it back. We will get the amount due probably later this month or early
Next month. Should be about the same. This is for Liability. There will be a Pavement Condition
Inspection sometime on Sat. July 11th. This is to check the condition of the pavement Also received the
OK for the Slurry Coating. Company is to let me know 10 days before they will start. Dave Schommer
Asked that I inqujre about having a Hangar Dance and a World War Two Reenactment in the Spring. It
Would take place in the infield with a Mock Battle involving American, Russian, English and German
Forces attacking a German Airfield in France. Everything but Tanks would be involved. The EAA Fly-In
Will be in the fiilland he said people are asking if something can be done in Spring. Dave is working down
At Oshkosh for the Fly-In so didn't think he could be here to ask about this. Also I have two pilots asking
About hangar space. One is an Ercoupe and the other is a Aeronca. The first is not going to need space
Until August sometime and will go into the Quonset hangar. The second will take John Hansen's spot in
The other hangar. I told him that for the time being he can put it in the Quonset Hopefully the new hangar
Will be done in time. Otherwise he knows he will have to tie it down outside until the hangar is done.
Eileen Duffeck, Mgr.
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Airport Minutes 6/1/09
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