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 IDC Minutes 3/8/2010

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PostSubject: IDC Minutes 3/8/2010   Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:04 am

Minutes of the IDC meeting held on Monday, March 8, 2010 pursuant to notice duly given.

1. Meeting called to order at 5:00 p.m. by Chairperson Doeren.

2. Roll Call: Dick Doeren, Mike Trepanier, Howard Schaden, Wayne Bostwick, Vern Panske, Ken DePouw, Joe Stiloski and advisory members Jack Maas and Tom Fulton.
Also present: Mayor Nerenhausen and Carol Stewart as recording secretary.

3. Moved by DePouw second by Stiloski to approve agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 7 ayes

4. Moved by Panske second by Stiloski to approve and place on file the minutes from
the 2/25/2010 meeting.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 7 ayes

5. No correspondence/public input.

6. Presentations by realtors on listing the former Kelly Pickle Property;
Doeren stated we will get right into the presentations; Joe Van Deurzen was present representing Hilgenberg Realty; Van Deurzen stated he did not have description of property, only told to bring marketing proposal; Doeren showed Van Deurzen the property on a map and explained some of the history; Van Deurzen stated their commission would by 6%...2.1% to co-broke; Panske questioned if it would be easier to sell acreage all in on or split up; Van Deurzen stated it depends…what’s out there now for commercial property? Doeren stated its light industry and retail commercial; Van Deurzen stated it’s a nice large site, all positives, no negatives…questioned what the asking price was? Maas stated $70,000 per acre; Doeren stated that ideas came and went…sitting dormant, not a real hot commodity right now; Trepanier questioned if traffic count would have impact on price…doesn’t know demographics of traffic count; Van Deurzen stated that it doesn’t have impact on price; Trepanier questioned figures on success rate; Van Deurzen stated 2 years ago it was 90%, sold $10.5 million in property...things are starting to get better; Trepanier questioned if he would go right to developers; Van Deurzen stated they would target a lot of developers, limitations on how property is zoned…can’t have retailer’s in City of Oconto say “we can’t have that,”… that’s not how it is going to work; Trepanier questioned marketing; Van Deurzen stated they do Multiple Listing Service in commercial section…Bidz Buy…LoopNet (national one)…co-broke; Bostwick questioned what the next step would be? Van Deurzen stated a contract would need to be signed and they’d start marketing; Committee thanked him for coming;
Kay Kohl’s of Metzler Hanson Realty was introduced; Kohl’s distributed copies of material she put together explaining forms of advertising; Kohl’s stated the property could be marketed by dividing in half or try to sell as a whole; Maas questioned the cost as selling as whole; Kohl’s stated vacant lands are not moving much…suggested $10,000.00 an acre; Trepanier questioned how Kohl’s would approach marketing if we want $75,000.00 per acre; Kohl’s stated that Metzler-Hanson would probably not be a good fit…not exactly what they specialize in; Trepanier stated to Kohl’s, “What if we told you we had a developer who was going to pay $70,000 an acre and let them go.” Kohl’s stated, “Shame on you.” Kohl’s stated she thought it would be another two years before times are better; Kohl’s stated as far as marketing, most realtors do the same thing…a lot of it is luck…would charge 8% commission, 2.1% co-broke; Trepanier questioned the maximum amount per acre…Kohl’s stated she’d go $10,000; Rob Sherman of Davis Agency was brought in at 5:40 p.m. for his presentation…distributed material of an overview he put together; Sherman stated he believes in collaboration …works with John Maul of Maul Association in Appleton and John Christopherson of Menominee, MI to cover broadest area…try to get as much exposure as possible…would do more with signage…has own website…Power Point presentation to market property to make it more inviting; Sherman questioned proposals that have been denied…what is the intent, to sell as a whole or divide if necessary; Trepanier questioned if he has any direct contact with developers, buyers, etc.; Sherman stated no…would put in MLS in Green Bay Press-Gazette, would include survey map, site map, 8-10 photos, a lot of info…commission is 6%, 2.5% co-broke; Sherman stated property has marketability, but will be work; Trepanier questioned if Sherman will list if he knew it could get turned down; Sherman stated if it complies with zoning, why would you turn it down? Sherman stated a requirement would be to have property surveyed because 1.5 acres has come off; Committee members thanked Sherman for coming in;

Discussion/possible recommendation on:
7. Selection of Realty firm to assist with Kelly Pickle Property;
Trepanier stated there’s only 2 that we can go with…Metzler-Hanson won’t touch for $70,000.00 an acre…need to come up with recommendation; Maas stated both are at 6% commission; Fulton stated Sherman has marketed and sold a number of properties; Committee members felt that Van Deurzen was unprepared; Maas stated he felt that Sherman would do the most for us;
Moved by DePouw second by Trepanier to recommend to Council to contract with Davis Agency for one (1) year at 6% commission for $70,000.00 per acre subject to zoning only for development.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 7 ayes

8. Memo from Bruce Mommaerts;
Doeren stated we have received information from Bruce Mommaerts of OCEDC regarding fees; Trepanier stated the $2,000 one-time fee is for website…additional annual marketing fee of $2,000; Discussion on Mommaerts possibly being replaced at OCEDC…will county continue with this if that were the case; Mayor stated we’re going with OCEDC, not Mommaerts; Doeren stated Linda Belongia had some thoughts on this…would like to wait for her input…no reason we have to do anything right now;
Moved by DePouw second by Stiloski to table until we know more of what’s going on;
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 7 ayes

9. New North Meeting:
Doeren stated New North will be holding a 2 hour meeting on April 21, 2010 to present marketing survey results…he plans on attending; Maas and Panske will also attend; DePouw stated he may be able to go; Doeren stated we will RSVP for 5 people to attend.

10. Next meeting date 3/25/10.

11. Moved by Bostwick second by Panske to adjourn. M/C
Meeting adjourned at 6:22 p.m.

Minutes submitted by:
Carol Stewart
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
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IDC Minutes 3/8/2010
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