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 IDC Mts 3/25/2010

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PostSubject: IDC Mts 3/25/2010   Fri Apr 09, 2010 9:02 am

Minutes of the Industrial Development Commission meeting held on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 pursuant to notice duly given.

1. Meeting called to order at 8:02 a.m.
2. Roll call: Dick Doeren, Joe Stiloski, Mike Trepanier, Howard Schaden, Vern Panske and advisory members Jack Maas and Tom Fulton. Also present: Mayor Nerenhausen and Linda Belongia Administrator as recording secretary. Absent: Wayne Bostwick and Ken DePouw.
3. Moved by Stiloski seconded by Panske to approve of the agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
4. Moved by Stiloski seconded by Schaden to approve and place on file as typed the minutes from the 2/25/2010 and 3/8/2010 meetings.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes
5. No correspondence or public input.
6. Presentation by two sign companies on reader board signs. Todd Thomas and Mike … from Creative Sign addressed the commission; what are our options…goals we hope to accomplish; on electronic billboards stated the estimated per month modem charge would be $30 to control the messages on the sign; sign could promote local events for the businesses; typical billboard is 14’ x 40’; Thomas referenced sign by the Rock Gardens in Green Bay, that sign is 6’ x 15’ they had the footings and sign holder and utilities were already in place…the cost for this new digital sign was approx $66,000; signs come with a 5 yr warranty and 15 yrs on technical support; Creative sign has lease plans; Commission went outside to view an example of the types of signs Creative are offering;

7. Larry Sidman and Christine Martens from Jones Sign made presentation to commission; suggested we use our city signs, at the three entrances to the city, add a reader board sign on top; stated flashing digital billboards are not allowed; discussion on DOT restrictions; adding a reader board sign onto each sign was estimated at $15,000 per sign if we went with having a colored sign; Sidman stated state law prohibits static images flashing on signs less than six seconds before changing the message; Maas stated we need to brush the area around the sign on the south side of the city; Martens stated 32 sq ft is the maximum size per county ordinance for a sign; Jones has a 5 yr warranty on their signs; would take approx 4-7 wks to make the signs; Sidman and Martens will provide proposal on costs;

8. Moved by Stiloski seconded by Panske to convene into Closed Session at 9:32 a.m. pursuant to notice duly given and as allowed by Wis. Stats. 19.85[1] [e] for discussion on RLF’s #2010-01 through 2010-04; Update on other funding requests; and financial report on existing RLF loans.
Motion carried upon verbal roll call vote. 5 ayes

Also included in the closed session were Jack Maas and Tom Fulton.

Closed Session

9. Moved by Panske seconded by Stiloski to reconvene into Open Session at 9:58 a.m.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes

10. Moved by Schaden seconded by Stiloski to recommend to Council to approve of a line of credit of $25,000 for RLF # 2010-01.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 5 ayes

11. through 13. no action

14. Discussion/possible recommendation on:
a. Reader board signs, waiting for more information, will have on next agenda.
b. Doeren stated he drafted the IDC budget. No action.

15. Next meeting 4/29/2010.
16. Moved by Panske seconded by Schaden to adjourn. M/C
Meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.

Minutes submitted by
Linda M. Belongia
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IDC Mts 3/25/2010
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