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 P&R Minutes 6/23/2011

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PostSubject: P&R Minutes 6/23/2011   Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:04 pm


1. Meeting called to order by Chairperson Young at 5:15 p.m.
2. Roll Call: Russ Young, Brian Rice, Paul Welch and John Wittkopf
Also Present: Kale Proksch. Jason Woodard, Vilas and Sharon Kamka, Danielle Sherman and Brian Garrigan Excused: Vicki Grunow
3. Moved by Rice seconded by Welch to approve agenda as presented.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
4. Moved by Welch seconded by Young to approve the meeting minutes from
April 20, 2011.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
5. Correspondence;
Proksch reported that City Engineer Bob Mommaerts approached him asking to inform the board members that a decision would have to be made at the next meeting as to whether blacktop or concrete should be installed for bike trail; Blacktop would cost $31,330 and last about 15 years or concrete at the cost of approximately $55,060 and last about 30 years;
Kale introduced the summer intern, Jason Woodard;
6. Discussion/action/recommendation on Parks & Recreation;
a. Youth Board Member;
Proksch stated an application was received from Brandon Laine…will email him to see if he is still interested; Thanked Danielle Sherman for serving for the past year;
b. Moved by Welch seconded by Young to approve request for Class B liquor license for softball tournament held on Aug 12 -14 at Holtwood Sporting Complex;
c. City Trail Map – Amber Van Den Huevel;
Amber is a 7th grade student and presented a project that she put together - “Ride on Oconto History;” Amber reported that this is a fun way to learn about Oconto History…tells stories of special places throughout the city…46 places with 14 possible additions…there would be maps available to show where the trails will take the riders; Proksch stated we would need to make a recommendation to Board of Public Works to get trail signs…would have to determine if roads meet DOT requirements; Wittkopf questioned his reasoning to go Board of Public Works; Proksch stated we need to know about signage and roads; Wittkopf asked if it should go to DOT first;
Moved by Rice seconded by Welch to proceed with developing historical bike trail as presented by Amber Van Den Huevel;
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
d. Sharp Park Playground bids;
Proksch and Woodard displayed the different designs that were submitted by 5 companies; Proksch explained what the different options required and after reviewing all of the bids he recommended going with Miller’s Option A & C…design, playground equipment, 2 basketball hoops, boarder timbers, installation and freight;
Moved by Welch seconded by Rice to go with Options A & C from Miller for Sharp Park playground equipment not to exceed the budgeted amount of $19,000.00;
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
e. Rettler Corp – Public Meeting and User Groups to contact;
Jeff Bahling from Rettler Corp was present regarding on how they will proceed with Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan…i.e. look at existing facilities and see what’s good and bad about them…contact user’s groups for input as far as their wants and needs…have a public meeting to determine priorities; Proksch submitted a list of user groups that he came up with; Bahling suggested sending user groups a questionnaire …would the board want to approve the document before sending out; Young and Rice stated they would like to review prior to sending to groups;
7. Discussion/action/recommendation on Aageson Pool;
a. Manager’s Report;
Brain Garrigan submitted his report and stated how the weather has been a factor…open 11 days, closed 12…average daily temperature of 62 degrees; YTD revenue of $1400.00.
8. Discussion/action/recommendation on Holtwood Campground;
a. Managers Report;
Vilas submitted reports for April and May…YTD revenue of $32,151.15; Having a good month so far, but the big weekend is coming up with the Little League tournament;
b. Geese Control
Four seasonal couples that were present at the meeting to express their concerns over the geese population…concerns about health issues due to all the droppings; Discussion as to what could be done…will look into contract that we had with DNR a few years ago and see what that covered; Board members reassured the campers that this will be looked into and something will be done;
9. Director’s Report;
a. Parks Update;
Holtwood Park: Little League Tournament this weekend;
City Park: Rice reported that Movie in the Park went well…treated to a nice looking park; Proksch stated he is waiting on an estimate for the new road;
Copper Culture Park:
Proksch reported it’s been to wet to work on trails; Per request from Rod Barta for help, offered the life guards to pick-up extra hours but none of them want to work the weekends; Proksch reported that the phone at Copper Culture was disconnected and Barta would like it to be hooked backup for use in case of an emergency…cost would be about $30 per month; Suggested made to have a cell phone available; Discussion that even if a phone is disconnected it can still be used to dial out for 911;
Sharp Park:
Welch reported that it’s gorgeous with addition of sign and wood chips;
10. Review expense/revenue reports.
Moved by Wittkopf seconded by Young to accept reports as presented and place on file.
Motion carried upon verbal voice vote. 4 ayes
11. Next Meeting: 7/21/11 at 5:00 p.m.
12. Moved by Wittkopf seconded by Rice to adjourn meeting at 6:10 p.m. M/C

Minutes submitted by:
Carol Stewart
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
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P&R Minutes 6/23/2011
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